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Question: Tiny Black Bugs on Kitchen FloorBy Roxane G. 1 found this helpfulAugust 12, 2014I have had these tiny bugs on my kitchen floor for 5 days now. I've used fogger bombs, and boric acid around perimiter of floor. I sweep. They seem to be coming out from fridge and stove sides. Nothing seems to be working. Please help me get rid of them. They don't jump or fly. There are hundreds of them. By Roxane C. Answer Was this helpful? 1By Chris48 August 14, 20141 found this helpfulBest AnswerWe had the same problem and it turned out to be weevils, the tiny bugs that are in flour, rice, grains, etc. We emptied out the pantry and sure enough that is were they were coming from. We threw out the foods that had the bugs, cleaned out the pantry and now they are finally gone. You can google "weevils" and find out how to get rid of these little pests. Reply Was this helpful? 1By mom-from-missouri August 13, 20140 found this helpfulCan you post a picture of them? I take it they are not ants, which are very bad this year in many parts of the US. Reply Was this helpful? YesBy marbobm June 15, 20160 found this helpfulI have tiny black bugs in one area of my kitchen floor (under a pantry cabinet). They move around and are now starting to climb up my window. They seem to have many legs, but it's hard to see because they are so tiny. They almost look like midget ticks. Help. Reply Was this helpful? YesAnonymousOctober 16, 20160 found this helpfulThey are like tiny ticks but they're obviously not. They crawl and I haven't seen wings but I sweep them away before I get a good look. Idk what they are but I really want to know Reply Was this helpful? Yes

How to Ditch ‘Em: Luckily, pantry and meal bugs are fairly easy to get rid of. Once an infestation’s been detected, put on the rubber gloves and start cleaning. Toss any packages with bugs and carefully inspect even unopened packages for larvae or adult bugs—meal moths are more than willing to chew through cardboard or aluminum foil to get to the goodies. After everything’s been cleared, vacuum crevices of cabinets and wash them with hot, soapy water. If bugs are a recurring problem in your kitchen, consider storing non-perishables in the refrigerator or in glass, metal, or plastic canisters. Clean the kitchen regularly to prevent future infestations.

Question: Tiny Black Bugs in KitchenAugust 3, 20111 found this helpfulI live in northeast Ohio and for the last couple of days we have had these small black bugs in our kitchen. They are mainly on the floor around the baseboards. There are a lot of them. Anyone know what they are and how to get rid of them? By Mary H.Ad Answer Was this helpful? 1AnonymousApril 11, 20160 found this helpfulHad the same problem. Went digging through the cupboard they seemed to be coming from and found them all through a bag of those pill sized dog treats my spouse didn't secure the twist tie on. Threw those out and cleaned, hopefully they're gone. Reply Was this helpful? YesBy mozackmb June 20, 20161 found this helpfulI have the same thing. They are near the baseboard but most are in the kitchen on the window seal. I have seen a few flying but are mostly dead. Reply Was this helpful? 1By cswoop2 July 31, 20160 found this helpfulthe little black bugs I have hang aroundthe light under my kitchen stove and my lamp shade light in the living room when you squeeze them they disappear like ashes Reply Was this helpful? YesAdBy mustangsrfree January 10, 20170 found this helpfulI just found them in noodles and beans I've seen weevels these have wings Reply Was this helpful? YesAnonymousFebruary 11, 20170 found this helpfulThank you so much!!! I started listing things people said on this thread to my husband when he asked where they might be coming from. Dog biscuits! We forgot all about a box we put up in the pantry. They were eaten through like termites in wood! WOW!! Reply Was this helpful? YesBy kgomotsomok March 23, 20170 found this helpfulplease share how you got rid of them? Reply Was this helpful? YesBy jseymour.mpls April 21, 20170 found this helpfulCan verify that - yep - they chew little holes in old pancake mix boxes, and they were having a big ol' party in the old oatmeal container. Wasted $10 on insecticide thinking they were coming through the window frame. Giving cupboard an overdue cleaning right now. Thanks for your answers. Very helpful. Reply Was this helpful? YesAdRead More Answers

Question: Tiny Black Bugs on Kitchen FloorBy Tracy 2 found this helpfulMarch 7, 2010What are those very small, 1/16 round, with flat bottom, black and some with spots, bugs I've found on my kitchen floor? Usually in large groups. Most are under the dishwasher.You really have to watch closely to see them move. By Tracy from Cleveland, OH Answer Was this helpful? 2By Jeanie Eilertsen March 12, 20100 found this helpfulBest AnswerYou might look at them with a magnifier, and then research carpet beetles. Good Luck! Reply Was this helpful? YesBy Lori O. May 23, 20150 found this helpfulBest AnswerThey are flour mites. The seek out damp warm places where there is dry food. Reply Was this helpful? YesAdBy mkoester04 May 21, 20140 found this helpfulI am having the same problem with these tiny insects! They are only showing up after I run the dishwasher!! I am a very very clean person and have no other problems with bugs in my house. These little guys are only under the dishwasher and no where else. Please! I need help figuring out what the heck they are and how to get rid of them! Reply Was this helpful? YesAnonymousMarch 18, 20160 found this helpfulno Reply Was this helpful? YesBy rasspomega June 22, 20160 found this helpfulMost likely those are springtails Reply Was this helpful? Yes

What are these bugs? Where there’s food, there might be critters (hey, pests like to eat, just as we do). The most-common pantry pests are moths, weevils and small beetles. Yes, they’re annoying, but not really dangerous — they won’t bite or sting, nor will they damage your home. But my kitchen is clean! Pests can make themselves at home in even in the most-spotless kitchen, because they often hitch a ride in your food at the grocery store, during delivery, or even way back at the processing plant or warehouse. What foods attract them? Most pantry pests like to munch on grains, like flours, cereals and processed foods, as well as dried fruits, beans, nuts and spices — but they’re not picky. Nearly any dried food that is stored at room temperature can be a draw. Opened packages that aren’t sealed well are especially prime targets, because they allow easy entry, but many insects can get into unopened packages as well. Should I worry if I spot a couple of bugs on the counter? If you come across a beetle or two in an area where you don't store food, it’s probably no cause for alarm — especially if the weather is warm (that’s when bugs flourish). But if you see them on the counter or floor near your pantry, or by a window (or other natural light source), it could be an early sign of infestation. It’s time to take a thorough look at your pantry shelves and packages.

How to Ditch ‘Em: Unfortunately, getting rid of these little critters is hardly a walk in the park. First, all surfaces where bed bugs might dwell (sheets, pillows, towels, clothing, curtains, etc.) need to be washed in hot water and dried at the hottest setting for at least 30 minutes. Next, scrub the mattress with a stiff brush and vacuum it and the surrounding room thoroughly, disposing of the vacuum cleaner bags immediately. Cover the mattress in a bed bug cover (available at most home goods stores) or toss it if it’s really been infested. Be careful when trashing bed-buggy items—wrap anything in heavy plastic and packing tape and label it clearly so others know it contains bed bugs. Seal up peeling wallpaper and cracks in floorboards to remove future hiding spots, and clear up any household clutter around the bedroom. Pure essential oils (cinnamon, lemongrass, clove, peppermint, lavender, thyme, tea tree, and eucalyptus) can repel bed bugs from setting up shop in the first place, so spray ‘em in your suitcase before heading out on a trip and before coming home again.

Typical ‘Hood: Can be found around the world, but recent outbreaks have centered in the United States, Canada, the UK, and other parts of Europe. Bed bugs are found in environments where many people cycle through on a given day—this includes apartments, hostels and hotels, trains, buses, and dorm rooms. Some theorists suggest that recent bed bug outbreaks are due to an increase in international travel, since the bugs can easily hide in luggage, bags, clothing, or bedding.

We had the same problem and it turned out to be weevils, the tiny bugs that are in flour, rice, grains, etc. We emptied out the pantry and sure enough that is were they were coming from. We threw out the foods that had the bugs, cleaned out the pantry and now they are finally gone. You can google "weevils" and find out how to get rid of these little pests.